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We are an online membership community for people who are eating healthy. Our members receive exclusive discounts, perks and content from leading food brands.

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From delicious food, to grocery shopping, to fitness - Mealz Club finds you the best deals to stay healthy.

Mealz Club provides its Members with: 

Perks, benefits and saving opportunities from leading food brands and businesses. 

Access to exclusive content on, including recipes from top chefs and meal plans from nutritionists. 

Access to exclusive features on personalised planner, organised shopping lists and ability to create digital cookbooks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mealz Club membership work? 

Once you sign up for Mealz Club membership, you will receive access to deals from our partners, and premium content on Mealz Club PLUS members will also receive a physical membership card, that unlocks offline discounts at major retailers.

How will Mealz Club help me eat better? 

Mealz Club opens up access to exclusive benefits, perks and deals offered by our partners. Being a member of Mealz Club will change the way you eat by inspiring you to cook healthy at home and making it easier (and more affordable!) to buy healthy products from leading food brands and businesses. You can now save money by eating healthier! 

How much money can I save? 

Being a part of Mealz Club can help you transform your life, help you improve your eating habits and save money! The amount you save depends on how often you use your membership card, but on average you can save thousands of dollars per year. 

Can I cancel anytime? 

You can cancel anytime. Access to Mealz Club will be available until the last day of the year you paid for. 

I would like to become a partner of Mealz Club. How can I do so? 

We’d love to partner up with you! Drop us an email on and we will get back to you shortly.